Welcome to our high-performance center
in cancer medicine and research!

As one of Germany’s best known and most recommended cancer centers, Tumor Biology Center Freiburg is committed to exceptional patient care, excellent research, and a broad spectrum of educational programs. The close collaboration of our physicians and scientists with national and international experts is one of our unique strengths, enabling us to provide patients with the best care available today as we work to discover more effective strategies to prevent and control cancer and improve quality of life of cancer survivors in the future. We are a leading institution to bring new anticancer compounds from bench to bedside and to discover more effective rehabilitation programs in patients with malignant systemic diseases and solid tumors.
We are nominated by the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) as one of the designated Centers of integrated Oncology and palliative care. Our education programs train future physicians and scientists, and the knowledge and experience they gain at the Tumor Biology Center has an impact on cancer treatment, long term cancer survivor strategies and the biomedical research agenda.

Prof. Dr. med. Hans Helge Bartsch, M. D.
Dipl.-Kfm. Arno Fritzen, C. D.